A 2022 New Year Letter

Something about the stark contrast of these professional photos got me reflecting on how much has changed in the last two years.

These photos are 2.5 years apart. Pre-pandemic vs. current (Dec 2021). I hardly recognize the girl in the photo on the left. I’m sure many of you can relate to the feeling of being SO far away from the pre-2020 versions of yourselves. This has undoubtedly been a life-altering, difficult, traumatic few years but for me it has also brought about such deep healing, clarity, and resiliency that I never knew I had.

2021 has been a year of homecoming for me. Returning to my roots & returning to my body. It’s been about creating a home for myself and within myself. Realizing that I must create the security, stability, and structure that I have been outsourcing for a long time.

For the first time in my adult life I feel truly rooted and grounded. I have spent my adult life wandering the globe only to find my way home and it feels so good to be here.

Returning to my body- that’s been the hardest one of all. After two years of intensive therapy, somatic processing, journaling, and A LOT of alone time as a single person living in a new city during quarantine, I can truly say I’m more at home in my body than I’ve been in years. Any kind of trauma is a bitch, but sexual trauma and feeling disconnected from one’s body and sexuality is a special kind of hell and if you live this reality too my heart goes out to you.

I have been running from the pain for a long time, but I have been forced (and also made some intentional choices along the way) to sit with the ugliness of it all for the first time in a decade. It’s an ongoing journey, but I am SO damn proud of myself for feeling less overwhelmed and buried underneath it all.

Fuck Gaslighting. It’s an everyday occurrence for many of us, and just existing in that environment and fighting to love and trust yourself despite it is the ultimate reason to celebrate. Cheers to good sex with conscious & present partners in 2022!

2021 has been about learning the importance of boundaries. I no longer dishonor myself to people-please. I will ask for what I need, stand strong in that, and honor myself at all costs. Authentically communicating my truth, needs, and boundaries means the people and circumstances showing up in my life are more-aligned than ever.

2021 has been about Structure, Routine, Discipline (thanks Saturn, you’ve been a real fucking treat). These things once scared the shit out of this free-spirited Gemini, but now have an important place in my life. I have restored trust in myself to create these things and my life has thus become more easeful and peaceful because of it.

2021 has been about unlearning and untangling myself from toxic hustle culture and hyperproductivity. When I am in my feminine and I just allow life to come to me, stay receptive, open, and in the flow with it, magic fucking happens. Cheers to more rest, more space, less forcing and more balance in 2022.

Loving you all, we’ve got this. Cheers to staying the course, healing ourselves, our communities, and our planet. Happy New Year. xoxo




Acupuncturist & Herbalist. All things holistic medicine, lifestyle, women’s health & sexuality. www.allysonschurtz.com

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Allyson Schurtz L.Ac

Allyson Schurtz L.Ac

Acupuncturist & Herbalist. All things holistic medicine, lifestyle, women’s health & sexuality. www.allysonschurtz.com

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