Sitting at the Intersection of East Asian Medicine & SSRIs

If there was ever a year to break down the barriers of stigma around mental health, it’s this one.

My journey to becoming an acupuncturist was very much rooted in my own personal mental health struggles. For years, I tried…

And Why I Refuse to Continue Suffering in Silence

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

“I haven’t been honest with myself or with you that herpes is a deal breaker.”

The words hung in the air between us. My skin started to feel prickly as I processed what he was saying. …

In the mist of the morning, I walked down to the river’s edge. Where I could envelope myself in the specific kind of stillness that only comes from where the…

Lysol-Wiping Paranoia on the Open Road

Photo by Cassidy Kelley on Unsplash

I pulled up to the makeshift take out line to pick up my large pepperoni pizza from the top-rated yelp pick in Hot Springs, Arkansas. A high school-aged girl with bleach blonde hair bounded over to my car nonchalantly.

The anxiety in me started…

A Soft & Delicate Herbal Ally for Challenging Times

Austin, Texas on April 6, 2020

During the uncertainty that has arisen in the past weeks, we are reminded of the simple pleasures in life. The feeling of sunbeams on our faces, the warm embrace of a loved one, the importance of finding softness, space, and stillness.

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

And How Eastern Medicine & Philosophy Can Save Us

How often do we rest? I mean TRULY rest. Without input, stimulation, without guilt that we should be doing this or that? No phone or computer in sight; no emails to be sent, appointments to schedule? …

Allyson Schurtz L.Ac

Acupuncturist & Herbalist. All things holistic medicine, lifestyle, women’s health & sexuality.

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